Guess Kamala Harris decided it was her turn to defend groomers. We thought it was pretty painful watching progs and activists call the Parental Rights law (yup, law) in Florida the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’, but seeing it from elected officials is … yeah.

Mind-numbingly stupid.

And speaking of mind-numbingly stupid, take a gander at Kamala’s tweet.

SO, either Kamala is too lazy or stupid to read the actual LAW or she’s deliberately pushing a false narrative to play politics because she knows without some sort of outrage the whoopin’ Democrats are going to take in November will be even worse.

Imagine knowing your party sucks so much you have to lie about and oppose a law that protects small children from being spoken to about sexuality by adults at school.

Yeah, your Democratic Party at work.

Nobody ever accused Kamala of being any good at her job.

Best. Headline. Ever.

Dammit, The Onion!

Key-phrase here is ‘rationally-minded person’. There is no such thing on the Left.

Or they don’t think their constituents can.


Crazy talk.

She’s embarrassed TF out of the country multiple times, does that count as doing anything?

This is the Democratic Party’s platform, people.



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