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Reading is HARD! Ron Perlman reminds everyone he's STILL a jacka*s with Dear Gov. DeSantis video babbling about 'Don't Say Gay'

Tell the whole wide WORLD you haven’t read the actual Florida bill without actually telling the whole wide world you haven’t read the actual Florida bill.


We get it, like many other Hollywood losers, Ron Perlman doesn’t have much to do these days but C’MON, someone close to these people, take them aside and show them the damn law. Do it to be kind because otherwise they continue to make total and complete jacka*ses of themselves.

Watch this from ol’ Ron:


It’s been a while since we last wrote about Ron. Wonder if he’ll continue to accuse us of being a Russian asset for writing about him being a doorknob on Twitter.

Gosh, we don’t see the word, ‘don’t,’ ‘say’, or ‘gay’ in the law, Ron. Maybe someone should get the old-timer his reading glasses so he can see what it really says.

That they are fighting against a bill to protect children from adults talking about sexuality with them is nuts, right? Are they really so broken over DeSantis that they can’t admit it’s WRONG to talk about sex with five-year-olds?


Maybe Ron will show up in a Pizza Hut commercial here soon?

Better yet, maybe someone could break out the puppets and crayons? Help Ron out a little bit?



FL Kindergarten teacher whining about NOT discussing his love life with his students is exactly WHY the so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ LAW was needed (watch)

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Just WOW! Senators release actual receipts of direct payments from foreign oligarchs (HELLO, Communist China!) to Hunter Biden

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