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Gobshite ALERT! Leon Panetta sets off BS detectors in a BIG way claiming Biden said stupid stuff in Europe because he's Irish

Hey guys.

Don’t worry about President Sleepy Joe saying really stupid and even dangerous stuff when he was in Europe … because he’s Irish.

Or something. Yeah, that’s the ticket. That totally makes what he said AOK.

No, we’re not making that up – Leon Panetta used this very line of BS yesterday on CNN. And we thought it was lame when they tried to blame a stutter we’d never heard about until 2020 for his gaffes, screw-ups, and odd behavior while speaking.

Biden doesn’t need more discipline.

He needs to retire.

The guy has been a train wreck of gaffes for 50 years, but it’s gotten so bad now (and so dangerous) that something really should be done about it.


Sorry, not sorry.

This works too. ^

Right? Because all Irish people babble mindlessly and whisper strangely … it’s just what we do. *eye roll*

And yes, this editor is also Irish.

So much BS in fact that full-size, adult bulls could walk by this amount of BS, stop, and say, ‘WOW, that is a lot of BS.’



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