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Sooo ... he wants it to get WORSE? NYC Mayor Eric Adams turns to Lori Lightfoot for ideas on how to tackle crime and the JOKES write themselves

Well, there IS a lot of crime in Lori Lightfoot’s city. Not that she deals well with it though …

Maybe he wants to talk to someone who makes him feel better about his own sh**hole of a city?


From The Daily Mail:

The mayors of New York City and Chicago met Friday to exchange ideas on tackling crime, which continues to skyrocket in both cities – a trend that began during the worst days of the COVID pandemic and continues to dog both cities.

New York’s Eric Adams and Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot, both Democrats, have in recent weeks sparred with their cities’ top prosecutors and accused them of pushing for lenient policies that don’t hold criminals accountable.

Crime in NYC is up by over 45 percent compared to this time last year as Adams battles a growing crisis at Rikers Island – the city’s main jail – as well as a spike in hate crimes and an overburdened court system.

In Chicago, crime is up by 34 percent.

Up 34%.


Great choice, Eric.

Seriously, ACES.


When real life is more satire than an actually satire site.


Makes ya’ wonder, right?

We made a similar face.




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