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'Weak party CONTROLLED by interest groups': Noah Pollak takes Dems, Biden, and his 'foreign policy moves' APART in BRUTAL thread

This thread from Noah Pollak about Biden, his foreign policy moves, and Democrats, in general, is BOUND to leave a mark. With Jen Psaki and other members of the Biden admin gaslighting the country and blaming Russia for our crazy inflation, we need so much more of this and then some.


Especially when the legacy media is doing their part to keep Americans dumb and misinformed.

Take a look.

And those are:

A matter of Democratic honor – and refusing to admit Obama’s failure.

As if we needed any more proof that we are living through Obama’s third term.

Eco-activist base.


Such a perfect ‘phrase’ for our pals on the Left.

This admin is begging baddies for energy.

This admin is giving power to the baddies.

To play eco-activist and prop up Obama and other Democratic dogma.

So they pretend they’re not funding Putin by claiming they’re sanctioning him.

Weak party largely controlled by interest groups.


Nailed it. For example, McAuliffe was so owned by so many groups (especially the teacher’s unions) it in some ways cost him the election in Virginia. He had to keep insisting parents had no place in their own kid’s education because the unions owned him.

This is not just local to Terry, but a theme throughout all Democrats.

Yup, Biden is a hot mess. In other news, water is still wet.



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