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'SICK in the head of you, but revealing': Mollie Hemingway DECIMATES Canadian state-sponsored media for openly trashing the word 'freedom'

Good to see Canadian state-sponsored media is just as stupid as ours.

*eye roll*

What sort of happy horse crap is this?


From Canadian state-sponsored media … ahem, sorry, from the CBC:

Often associated with protests and rallies in the United States, the term has taken hold among protesters who are part of the Freedom Convoy, which rolled into Ottawa in late January and has become entrenched in the city’s downtown.

For many, freedom is a malleable term — one that’s open to interpretation.

That flexibility, in part, has fuelled its growth among certain groups, said Barbara Perry, director of the Centre on Hate, Bias, and Extremism at the Oshawa-based Ontario Tech University.

“It is a term that has resonated…. You can define it and understand it and sort of manipulating it in a way that makes sense to you and is useful to you, depending on your perspective,” she told Cross Country Checkup.

It’s also a term that has thrived among far-right groups, said Perry, one of a number of experts who say the presence of far-right groups in Canada is growing.

Because you know, only people on the far-right care about freedom.

What a garbage article.

Mollie Hemingway was good enough to drop them on their sad, pointy little heads:


One has to wonder if Justine … er … Justin himself wrote some of that article for them.

Scary stuff up north.

This though, was the most obnoxious response of all:

And the reason it’s obnoxious is that…


So Jason Kenney is a weasel.

Like the rest of the Canadian government.

Good to know.



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