Just add this to the ‘Adults Making Up Stories About Their Woke Children’ table book …

C’mon man.

There are only two realities possible with people who tweet this sort of nonsense about their kids: 1) They have so inundated and indoctrinated their own children with their views and politics that they’re not allowing them to BE children or, 2) They’re lying their as*es off using their kid as a shield to make some lame political statement on Twitter.

Neither is a great look.

Case in point:



Oooh, clever.

Yeah, he should have used that one.

Yes, this is true. As a site that spends the majority of its time covering stupid on Twitter, it’s getting harder and harder to tell parody from reality.

Luckily, there is usually a pretty blue checkmark by their names so we at least know they’re real.

Like this ‘father of the year’.



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