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Tulsi Gabbard DROPS Biden for calling Americans who disagree with him 'domestic enemies, traitors, and racists' and as usual, the Left just can't DEAL

Biden promised to unite us. So much for that.

And maybe it’s just us, but Biden’s speech about voting ‘rights’ sounded a lot like something Obama would have delivered while he was president. Biden is usually a hot mess, but the level of disdain and outright hatred for his fellow man was much more Obama than Joe.


Tulsi Gabbard also called out the president for his comments:

And as usual, the moment she steps out of line her pals on the Left lost their damn minds over her tweet. So much so that her name trended.

FFS, asking for Voter ID and banning ballot harvesting is not voter suppression.



We’re sure Tulsi is really worried about whether or not Michael here is disappointed in her.

Every time we think these people can’t get any dumber, they do.

True story.

People cheering for an authoritarian calling people who disagree with him traitors think they’re on the right side of democracy.

Told you, stupid.

He literally is calling people names on that side, bro.



Let’s not pretend any of these people would recognize the truth if it fell out of the sky, landed on their faces, and started to wiggle.



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