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'She friggin' drunk'?! While praising Biden's hateful comments about Americans, Nancy Pelosi TRIPS spectacularly over his admiration for Strom Thurmond

There have been many times where we have asked you, dear reader, if you think Nancy Pelosi is either drunk, short-circuiting or perhaps having a small stroke. This little ditty where she praised Joe Biden for vilifying half of this country is another one of those times.


Our vote is short-circuited with a buzz.


Look at those eyebrows.

And the hand starts going when she gets nervous about what she is saying …

As for Strom Thurmond, might wanna check that history, Nancy.

Just sayin’.

Her party is literally the party that released the hounds.

She gets that right?

Then again, she may not.


See? It’s an ongoing theme with her.




It’s the eyebrows.



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