Dan Rather never seems to think before he tweets.

Or he does think and he’s such a partisan hack this makes sense in his pointy little head.


They really want people to think voting rights are in danger because Republicans won’t allow the feds to take over state elections. That’s what this really boils down to because Democrats know if they can’t control the rules, they can’t win.

Like they did in 2020.

You know, when they fortified the election.

Democrats don’t want Americans putting a stop to their being in charge, even though they’re sucking serious donkey right now.

And speaking of sucking serious donkey, Dan’s tweet didn’t go over well, like at all:


And accurate.

Oh, that’s right.

It was REPUBLICANS who voted for Civil Rights.

It was Democrats who tried to block them.

Sort of like how Democrats want to control how we vote now. Weird, right?

We’ve all been waiting for them to produce suppressed voters for about a decade now, heh.

True story.



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