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'Misinformation Ph.D' goes STRAIGHT-UP #BlueAnon in thread DEMANDING Twitter ‘look into’ #BareShelvesBiden tag and WHOA NELLIE, that's a lotta backfire

Yes, the #BareShelvesBiden tag is a huge PLOT by Catturd and other large right-wing accounts to make Biden look bad … sure, that’s it. LOL

It’s as if Caroline doesn’t understand why people are on Twitter in the first place and/or how hashtags actually happen. The truth really is she can’t accept so many people on Twitter think Biden sucks and blame him for the empty grocery store shelves all across the country. Oh, and the people claiming a winter storm is to blame are really adorable.


If you can’t deal with a hashtag, mute it.

Otherwise, if you complain about it (an entire thread, REALLY?!) it’s only going to trend MORE.

Just sayin’.

In no way organic.

Because no right-leaning tag could possibly have actual supporters.



No, it’s really not.

Well, we suppose it’s interesting for someone in denial about the number of people in this country who currently think Biden is doing a crap job.


She has zero proof that this wasn’t done organically and PS, it’s still trending and this editor with a rather large following played a rather large part in it. Just because it’s a hashtag she doesn’t like doesn’t mean real people aren’t behind it.

The arrogance of the Left is second only to their hypocrisy.



That. ^

And the Right is better at it.


Because the truth hurts.




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