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Blue-check's thread about how angry she is with the 'willfully unvaccinated' and ranting because govt. WON'T lock the country down is a hot mess

This thread from Brittney Cooper is something else, and not in a good way.

Honestly, it’s hard for this editor to understand this level of fear in general … but to put it out on Twitter just seems a bit much. Almost like a desperate cry for attention.


Which is probably what it really is.

Take a gander:

No, WE are not reliving last year’s holiday conditions. If SHE is that’s her choice but most Americans are gathering with family, traveling (TSA numbers through the roof), and treating their holiday season as normal.


Crazy talk, we know.

Oh, her thread gets worse.

Told you.


There it is.

You better not enjoy your holiday because if you do the virus wins.

Or something.

You know what, we have no idea what the point of that even is because even without gatherings, Omicron is spreading fast. And gosh, it doesn’t seem as severe and people aren’t dying. But you know, you willful mean people living your lives and making your own choices are the real problem here.

So take that.

After she spent her other tweets talking about how angry she is because people didn’t do what she wanted them to.


Stay home doing nothing and try not to go crazy.

Wow, talk about an uplifting holiday message.

Almost as uplifting as Biden when he said the unvaccinated were in for a long winter of death and sickness.




Oh, WOE is her! Kamala Harris telling confidants media would be NICER to her if she were a white man and YEAAAH n

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