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'No SH*T, you pandering buffoon!' Chris Murphy tries pretending he cares about kids being in school NOW but ain't NOBODY buyin' it

Democrats like Chris Murphy enabled teacher’s unions to shut down the schools (for multiple school years) for more bargaining power.

And now they want to pretend, sort of like Randi Weingarten, that they really want our kids in the classroom. Unfortunately for them, we were all around when they were trying to keep our kids out of the classroom and working with the teacher’s unions for political gain during an election year.


This was pathetic:

Gosh, you mean taking learning in the classroom away hurts poor children most of all?

Where has this guy BEEN?


Oh no no, homeschooling is the Devil and stuff to a Democrat.

This. ^


Not these draconian policies.

The DEMOCRATS’ draconian policies.

Fair question.







That works.



‘Only cuz she’s second-fiddle to a chunk of firewood’: Salon calls Kamala Harris the ‘most powerful VP since Richard Nixon’ and OMG-LOL

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OOF! Now that Joe Manchin has NUKED Biden’s Build Back Better, Nancy Pelosi’s statement about Biden ‘being in charge’ is even FUNNIER

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