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WOMP-womp! Lefty uber-troll Tea Pain’s Kyle Rittenhouse poll does NOT go the way he wants and ROFL

We’re shocked Tea Pain hasn’t pulled this poll down.

Maybe he/she/it knows we and others would be even more ruthless if he/she/it tried to hide it?

This was … bad.

Truth hurts, we guess.

Not really.

And we cover the timelines of AOC and Alyssa Milano.

The fairest take yet.

A survivor.




Nah, we know better.

That’s why this is so funny.


Granted, a bunch of people on Conservative Twitter got a hold of the poll but you’d THINK a Leftist account with 744k followers could overcome THAT.



Blue-check attorney pushing to change self-defense law after Rittenhouse verdict ‘so HISTORY doesn’t repeat itself’ goes SO very wrong

Holy SH*T, she went there! Former Trump admin and filmmaker Amanda Milius DECIMATES David Brooks and all leftist media in LEGENDARY thread

Now, THAT’S a whoopin’! Jim Acosta tries picking a fight with Ted Cruz and gets SERVED a nice, refreshing glass of STFU juice


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