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WOW: Tim Pool shares WHY he believes ADA Kraus cropped and even EDITED evidence in Rittenhouse trial in DAMNING thread

Could the prosecutors in the Rittenhouse trial be ANY worse? Yikes.

What an absolute train wreck they’ve been.

And it seems like it’s only getting worse.


Tim Pool’s thread on why he believes ADA Kraus cropped and even edited evidence is pretty damn damning.

Take a look:

Not definitive.


His reasoning …


Keep going.


In fact, double yikes.

You know that face you make when you’re trying to make your own pie crust from scratch and you are pretty sure you’ve overworked it and it will be tough as leather but you didn’t bother to buy backup crust so you’re wondering if you can add extra filling to make it taste less awful? Yeah, just made that face.


It’s just playing weird.

Sure it is.

Something strange is definitely AFOOT at the Circle K.



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