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#FangBanger Eric Swalwell tries using a Bible verse to pick a fight with Rep. Matt Rosendale over Afghan nationals and gets WORKED

Considering the Biden administration has admitted they haven’t vetted the Afghan refugees they have brought to our country, we don’t necessarily blame Rep. Matt Rosendale for having concerns about them being sent to his state of Montana. People will screech and claim he’s being racist or bigoted or xenophobic but really this falls on Team Biden and their sloppy AF retreat from Afghanistan.



This whole thread from Rep. Rosendale is worth reading, and Eric Swalwell probably should have taken the time to read before trying to pick a fight with the good representative from Montana but here we are.


Starting to think Eric should just put the Twitter DOWN.

And how adorable, he used a Bible verse.

This didn’t go over like Eric thought it would:


Sorry, but President Biden is too busy going to the beach this weekend to answer that question.



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