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TIME-less. ROFL! Mario Lopez shares the most hilariously PERFECT meme of Harry and Meghan Markle and we KINDA SORTA adore him for it

Mario Lopez cracking us all up. We’ll take it.

C’mon, TIME magazine had to know people would make fun of that ridiculous airbrushed cover of Harry and Meghan Markle. We get it, they’re a couple and together they are influential and stuff but wow, what a disaster. Forget that Harry looks like some sort of little person hiding behind his wife …


Mario found the best meme:


The front layers frame your face …


Thanks, Mario.

Annnd now we’re dead.

Duh, we all know she’s the only important one in that relationship. He’s really just an accessory, like an expensive handbag at thist point.



She does seem very pleased with his handiwork.




WOW: Glenn Greenwald shares VILE tweet from blue-check attacking Nicki Minaj to show how awful Dems treat other Dems who fall ‘out of line’

‘So OVER this pandemic. So OVER this administration’: BOMB-DIGGITY of a thread about COVID and our suck govt. the BEST thing you’ll read today

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