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'So thirsty to own another BLACK woman': Nicki Minaj lays WASTE to Joy Reid for trying to shame her ON THE AIR for her COVID vaccine tweets

The media lost their MINDS when Nicki Minaj mentioned her cousin having issues with his testicles after taking the COVID vaccine, said she was waiting for more research before taking the vaccine, and then reminded people not to be bullied into taking it.


Note, she also encouraged people to take the vaccine as long as it was their CHOICE.

Guess freedom of thought and choice triggers the keepers of the government agenda, aka the media.

Joy Reid forgets herself … or must have thought she could talk smack about Nicki ON LIVE TELEVISION without being called out.

Yeah, this didn’t go so hot for Joy.

And to think, Twitter is still a free site.



And yeah, it only got worse.

Guess Nicki isn’t buying the whole ‘time-traveling homophobic hackers’ excuse either.


Oh, and the pushback from Nicki’s fans? HOOBOY:

This season?

It’s been that way for years now …


This didn’t go so hot for Joy.




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