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Just DAMNING: Thread proves Biden admin has lied about number of Americans 'stranded in Afghanistan' and much more

Biden lied. People died.

And continue to die.

If you weren’t infuriated at what Biden and his administration have done with Afghanistan before, this thread oughta do it. What an absolute disaster and failure …


And ‘America’ under Biden just shrugs its shoulders.

And nothing has changed.

Keep going.

He lied BIG TIME.

Then again, he has been lying for half a century … why would he stop now?

Read that again.

The US hasn’t even tried to get flights out of Afghanistan.

Six planes have been sitting on the ground for a week now because the Taliban will not let them take off.


Remember when P-sucky told us they wanted to stay there? Classy, as always.

Wait, you mean it’s not just a couple hundred Americans we STRANDED over there? The government lied?



Her source is the government.

They know.

And they keep lying.

Biden gave the Taliban a list of Americans in the country.

One has to wonder if SIV holders were on that list as well.


Taliban promised safe passage



That’s why six planes have been sitting grounded for a week.

20k people.

Holy crap.


We need them to do as they promised.


The State Department will not take the list of Americans and SIV members who need help … unreal.

Almost as if Americans were never even there.


She has a ‘to-do’ list for Biden, but we all know he’s likely too busy napping in Delaware to pay any attention.



In other words, keep your promise, Biden.



And so it begins: Multiple flights with evacuees being held on the ground at Northern Afghanistan airport … by the Taliban (thread)

‘Okay BOOMER’: Jonah Goldberg claiming he is #TeamVindman does NOT go over well, like at all

Oh, PISS OFF! Joe Lockhart DRAGGED for attempting to lecture and shame college football fans for getting back to LIVING

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