Joe Lockhart is big disappointed in Americans for going to college football games yesterday and enjoying themselves.

How dare people get back to living when they should be focused on being AFRAID, right ?

Joe. Just calm yer t*ts.

The only science Joe and others like him care about is the science that allows them to terrify, punish, and shame their family, friends, and neighbors so they can continue to have control. If hundreds of thousands of Americans actually enjoyed themselves TOGETHER yesterday watching an AMERICAN sport, they won’t be quite as hopeless and sad today. They may, in fact, feel good and powerful and ready to get back to normal living.

It’s past time to accept COVID is another virus we are going to have to learn to live with and that hiding in our houses from one another, covering our faces in public, and avoiding life is not the answer.

Full transparency, this editor cried watching the Wisconsin Badgers ‘jump around’.

Hello, 9-1-1?



It is.

And it really was.



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