We’re not sure who’s dumber at this point, Rachel Maddow or Rolling Stone. Maybe it’s a TIE!

Rolling Stone fell for a story told to them by Dr. Jason McElyea who claimed Oklahoma hospitals were overwhelmed with horse dewormer overdoses. They were in fact SO overwhelmed that gunshot victims were left waiting OUTSIDE because there was no space for them.

Which of course, was a damn lie the hospital itself debunked.

You’d think someone would at least contact the hospital to make sure this story is legit, right?

This is what always happens and sadly, the mainstream media doesn’t care. Hey, it’s a story that hurts a certain group of people? BONUS POINTS.

Never thought we’d see that and yet here we are.

Look at all those people with gunshot wounds waiting in line in coats … during the summer.

They didn’t even bother to find a picture that could PASS as real.

And of course, Rachel Maddow had to jump on the bandwagon and push this fake story as well:

Her supporters/readers/viewers are all in which shows you the DAMAGE these media types can do when pushing a fake story.

They don’t even question it.


A lie from the beginning to the end, no one thought to fact-check and gosh, Twitter has left it up and has yet to put any sort of warning that the story is FAKE, FALSE, A LIE on it. Almost as if they only care about a warning when it’s an account of someone whose politics they disagree with.

But they’re not a publisher or anything.

And no one will lose a job over it.


— Update —

Twitter sort of corrected the story FOR THEM … HA HA HA HA: