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And so it begins: Multiple flights with evacuees being held on the ground at Northern Afghanistan airport ... by the Taliban (thread)

Someone MIGHT want to wake Joe Biden up. We realize he’s vacationing at home in Delaware but this is probably something the leader of the free world should be aware of. Just sayin’.


The Biden administration realizes this is the freakin’ TALIBAN, right?!

Gosh, who could have ever foreseen the Taliban using hostages to get more out of America? We’re super shocked and stuff.

Six. Days.

And Biden went on vacation.

Where is Kamala?!


Not encouraging.

Ya’ think?

They told Americans not to rely on their own government to help them get home.

Yeah, we know.

The obstacle is the Taliban … NO SH*T.

Tell us something we all haven’t known about this situation since Sleepy Joe completely hosed it.

Terrify and shameful.



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