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SNICKERS bar, STAT! Stella Parton LOSES it doubling down on American women being enslaved SHRIEKING at 'self-righteous rapists'

As Twitchy readers know, Dolly Parton’s younger sister, Stella Parton, has zero clue about what true enslavement of women looks like and seriously believes that restrictions on abortion make American women more oppressed than Afghan women.


You know, the same women who are being stoned to death, burned to death, told to cover their faces and bodies, forced to marry men they don’t know as children, and who are not allowed to be in public without a chaperone. Yeah, apparently they have it easier than American women.

Welp, even after she was called out (BIGLY) she doubled down on her insanity:

Yes, because only self-righteous rapists and abusers of women’s rights have been telling her she’s a complete fruit-loop for saying Afghan women have it better than American women.

Dolly, please come get your sister, Stella … she’s starting to scare the children.

And is this like the time Democrats voted to take our healthcare away in the dead of night? Was that enslavement?





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