Texas restricted abortions to six weeks, aka when a heartbeat can be found.

And people on the Left have lost their damn minds over it. They didn’t ban abortion, they just restricted it …

But you know, anytime the socialist Left doesn’t get their way it’s like the END OF THE WORLD.

Not to mention the dumbest takes on the Twittersphere start to surface, like this garbage tweet from Dolly Parton’s younger (and clearly dumber) sister, Stella:

Stella … this was a bad tweet. BAD.

But then it got worse.

They were NOT all males btw.

Then it got worse-er.



Because Texas restricted abortion?

Holy Hell this is dumb.

Women are literally being stoned and burned to death, but you know, American women in Texas have to abort before six weeks.

The horror.

We’ve seen lots of people offer to pay her way over to Afghanistan.

Funny, she does not take anyone up on it.



Only a completely spoiled American liberal woman would think women have it worse here … their victimhood knows no limits.

Sadly, she is.

Ding ding ding.