Nothing says you’re conserving conservatism like promoting abortion and threatening Republicans for trying to end it. We know this group has long lost its connection with the realities of conservatism so maybe someone should tell them that part of the platform absolutely focuses on the preservation of life for the unborn.

We can only imagine how many times Lincoln would vomit if he saw what these jackas*es were doing in his name.

Note: We’re pretty sure TLP is after raw political power as well.

Because women would never be pro-life, right?

And c’mon, there is no state that is more American than Texas.

Awwww, and look at the veiled threats to corporations donating to Republicans.

What a bunch of losers.

Ooooh, so skeery.

They’ll make people pay for supporting pro-life policy.

How very conservative of them.


Thinking they should officially change their name to THAT. Yup.



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