Ouch-ville, population Ian.

It takes a very self-centered, self-important, sanctimonious butt-nugget to make what has happened with Afghanistan about themselves, but ol’ Ian Millhiser has figured out a way to do just that. Oh, and the fact he’s dragging other journalists for understanding the way Biden retreated just makes him all the more unbearable.

A LOT to unpack here, right?


No words.

Yeah, he’s good at that.

Ending the war isn’t what is making people sad, Ian.

The death, destruction, and handing over the country to the Taliban is what is making them sad. Biden failed in the worst way possible, not only causing the deaths of 13 of our military but literally ruining the lives of Afghans who trusted and believed in America.

Rory Stewart was good enough to call Ian out:


And sadly not unique to Ian.



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