RAICES, The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, says they will ignore the Texas abortion law claiming it’s one of those laws that are ‘meant to be broken.’

How very melodramatic and self-serving of them:

Pretty sure abortion is an abomination but we digress.

Imagine thinking this is a good take – they will continue to make sure illegal immigrants can abort their unborn babies regardless of ANY law. Anytime these yahoos claim Republicans are racist or hate brown people remind them who is actually fighting to make sure they are fewer of them.

Not exactly a great look even for people who support abortion.

Just sayin’.



And kinda-sorta racist, eh?

Hey, at least they’re being honest and upfront about who they really are.


Right? American women are even more oppressed than Afghan women … and stuff.

*eye roll*

Apparently, Juan.



Stella Parton tantrums over TX abortion law, claims American women are treated worse than Afghan women and HOOBOY, sooo much BACKFIRE