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'Anti-busing RACIST'! DAMNING thread busts Biden lying about 'coming out of the civil rights movement' over and over and OVER again

Not only is Joe Biden a plagiarizer, but he’s also a damn liar.

And has been for his entire half a century in politics.

That he keeps spewing the same lies even NOW, when they have been debunked over the years, tells you exactly how disingenuous this nasty old man really is. Hate to break it to his supporters, but a stutter doesn’t make someone LIE their a*ses off.


Like this:

Simply not true.

This puppet of a man is nothing but a phony and sadly a fraud.

He’s likely lied so much about this he thinks it’s the truth.

The only white lifeguard at an all-black pool.

Wow, what a contribution to the civil rights movement.

And people voted for this guy.

Over and over and over again.

Man, politics is broken in America.


From The Intercept:

Biden’s aides tried, unsuccessfully, to nudge him back on script, reminding him that he had not, personally, marched, the journalist Richard Ben Cramer later reported in his 1992 book about the campaign, “What It Takes.” According to Cramer, Biden’s advisers later told him that the candidate would acknowledge the error each time he was reminded of it — and then frequently repeat it on the campaign trail.

Cramer noted in the introduction to his book, an exhaustive look at six of the leading campaigns for the Democratic nomination in 1988, that he had rechecked the details of every conversation he reported between a campaign adviser and a candidate with the participants before publication. Far from disputing Cramer’s reporting, Biden later praised his work as “sharp and insightful” when the journalist died in 2013.

“I came out of the civil rights movement,” the candidate told supporters at a small gathering in Claremont, New Hampshire, in April 1987. “I was one of those guys that sat in and marched and all that stuff.”

And yet, they elected this liar.

Oh, that’s right. Remember? He said integration would mean his kids were growing up in a racial jungle.


He was also besties with Robert Byrd who was an admitted Grand Wizard of the Klan.

Maybe Joe did come out of the civil rights movement of the 1960s … just not the way he wants us to think he did.

We corrected our headline as this editor missed a typo. Thanks! – sj



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