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OMG, such GARBAGE! Parker Molloy mocks COVID death of Ashland State rep's husband, DELETES when called out (got it!)

When someone like Parker Molloy shows you who they really are, believe them.

You’d think by now we’d be past the repugnant part of this pandemic where a-holes take joy in the loss and death of others and yet sadly, here we are.


Parker tried to delete it but as Siraj Hashmi says of his list, Twitchy comes for ALL:


That’s just ugly.

We imagine Parker didn’t like that Steve was fighting for people’s rights to attend church during the pandemic. People were ‘allowed’ to riot, destroy public and private property, and loot even though there was this huge virus BUT if anyone dared go to church they were killing grandma.

And mocking his death?

Just repugnant.

Math is hard.


Now of course she’s claiming she wasn’t celebrating anyone’s death and shared the entire thread.

Read the thread.

It doesn’t really help her case.

At. All.



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