We need so much more of this.

All across the country.

Parents standing up to school boards and teacher’s unions and saying NO MORE.

Watch this:

School board voted 3-2 to ban CRT.

Now that’s a school board that listens.

From gazette.com:

District 49’s Board of Education on Thursday voted to approve a measure with potential to change the way history and current events are taught in its classrooms.

In a 3-2 vote during its monthly meeting, the board passed a resolution prohibiting the teaching of “critical race theory” in D-49 schools. The 25,000-student district is thought to be the first in Colorado to approve such a ban.

Board members John Graham, Ivy Liu and Rick Van Wieren voted in favor of the measure. Kevin Butcher and Dave Cruson voted against it.

The theory has been the subject of impassioned debate among legislators, educators and parents across the country in recent years. Locally, Air Force Academy political science professor Lynne Chandler Garcia sparked outrage in conservative circles when she spoke out in support of critical race theory, writing in an opinion article that the theory is crucial in helping military leaders “understand the history of the racism that has shaped both foreign and domestic policy.”

Again, we need so much more of that.

All damn day.



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