Because you know, David Hogg is an expert on DeSantis and COVID. Totally.

This could absolutely be Dumb and Dumber part three right here.

Andy Slavitt was removed from Biden’s COVID team within months, and we all know what a genius ol’ Hogg is. Really? How hard do you think DeSantis laughed (or will laugh) when he found out they were doing this little hit-piece on him?



We did just that.

We’re most certainly not.

Which makes this even funnier.

The adults are choosing to listen to certain children who they know will justify and even celebrate their bias. We bet the show goes something like this:

Slavitt: DeSantis is a bad guy.

Hogg: Totally.

Slavitt. COVID is a bad thing.

Hogg: Totally.

Slavitt: Did I mention DeSantis is a bad guy?

Hogg: I think so?

Yeah, we’re sure it was RIVETING.

Andy knows his audience doesn’t care if Hogg is an expert. Hell, if they cared about listening to an expert they wouldn’t listen to his show in the first place.

Just when we think they can’t get any dumber they surprise us all.



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