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'INCREDIBLY pathetic': The AP TATTLING on Press Sec. Christina Pushaw to DeSantis for being a big MEANIE to them BACKFIRES hilariously

What a bunch of big damn babies at the AP. Seriously?!!?!



Yeah, this didn’t go over the way they thought it would.

Like, at all.

They’re angry because Christina defends herself and her boss from their constant onslaught of hit-pieces and made-up attacks. Guess they just want her to sit around and let them say whatever they want and push whatever narrative they see fit.

Otherwise, she’s a big meanie.

But they’re the media!

They must miss crying about Trump and his mean tweets.



Like embarrassingly pathetic.


But you know, Christina is the problem.

What a bunch of troglodytes.



‘NO tweet ever aged so badly so quickly …’ James Woods has found perhaps the worst tweet for Biden and #Afghanistan YET

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