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Two Cuomos with one stone! Ted Cruz DROPS both Andy and Fredo (sorry, Chris) with one brutally PERFECT tweet and LOL

As Twitchy readers know, Andrew Cuomo has resigned.

Ding dong the d*ckhead is gone.

You’d think his COVID policies that killed thousands of elderly people and people with developmental disabilities last year would have done the trick but hey, we’ll take it. What a huge win for those people who lost family members, people like Janice Dean.


Even if it was the sexual harassment stuff that finally got him.

Ted Cruz’s dig at both Cuomo brothers is a doozy:

So many Cuomos, so little time.


And the amount of shrieking on his tweet … too funny.




They’re such delicate little things.

And c’mon, they should know Ted’s dig at the Cuomos was more than earned.



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