Blah blah blah blah blah.

Remember how adults sounded on The Peanuts cartoons? Yup, that’s what Rick Wilson sounds like in this ridiculous thread that we thought we’d share since we had to see it. Hey, we’re givers that way.

Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. America … if we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d be able to see our own a*s.

Wonder if the grift is slowing down a little if Rick is wasting this much time rambling on Twitter about stuff only he cares about. Oh, sure, there are still plenty of crazies on the Left and in the Never Trump ranks who will find themselves cheering this blather but c’mon man … move on.

Because you know, if you have doubts about a vaccine that has not been FDA approved or disagree with any government or employer forcing you to get the jab that automatically makes you an anti-vaxxer.

And if anyone knows about grift-machines, it’s Rick.

Awww, look at Rick working to divide the Right.

What a toad.


Would someone tell Rick the ‘muh whatever’ trolling is like so 2018? Thanks.

Wow, this is really dumb, even for him.


Really reaching for those clicks and taps right here.

Psh, Rick was done a year ago.

This is an insult to puke everywhere.

Someone got up on the wrong side of the DECADE.



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