Nothing inspires people to get vaccinated or mask up like saying if they’re not afraid to die from COVID they should be shot.

There’s a reason this loser lost in California …

Matt Walsh has a decent point here. Nobody is immortal. At some point, each and every one of us will meet our maker, and living in fear of a virus that isn’t going anywhere is just a waste of the time we all have here. Walsh isn’t saying people shouldn’t be cautious, he’s just saying that to live with this amount of fear isn’t really living at all.

Side note: Steve was SO brave about this tweet that he made it where only people he follows can respond. Thank goodness for quote-tweets.

Nothing says tough guy like making threats and limiting responses.

On Twitter.

And crazy sounds about right.

Luckily he lost.


Twitter does not verify its best.



Don’t be Steve.



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