Kurt Schlichter took the gloves off, which if you know Kurt you know he hardly wears any gloves at all … so for us to say the gloves came OFF you know this thread about what red-state conservatives need to do with blue-state evangelical Marxists is freakin’ brutal.

And awesome.

Take a look.

Conservatives believe in live and let live while Marxists only want you to live if you live the way they want you to.

We know, that sounds melodramatic but we’ve lost count of the number of progressives/Lefties/Marxists we’ve seen on Twitter celebrating death for those they disagree with.

Here it comes …

Told you guys, no prisoners taken.

Keep going.

Dismantle unions.

Our favorite part of this thread so far.

Imprison dissenters.

Outlaw crime again.

Alrighty then.

Right? The Right would just be acting like the Left.

Fair game.

You tell ’em, Kurt.



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