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CDC is run by WEIRDOS: Hilarious thread of actual and absolutely STUPID CDC guidance shows how dumb anyone is to listen to them

It’s fascinating, and not in a good way, how quickly we’ve allowed centralized power to fall to the CDC. They have no actual authority over anything, and yet for whatever reason, our betters in government seem to think we should ask how high when they tell us to jump.


Phil Kerpen put together a thread of their other guidance that is quite frankly really dumb and should make anyone question why these people are our go-to with mask guidance and other COVID mitigation.

Take a look.

These are nutty.

Do not let children PLAY WITH RAW DOUGH.

Are they serious?!

But wait, it gets better.

In other words, if your hamburger tastes good the CDC doesn’t think you should eat it.

Dammit, not our over-easy eggs!



You know that face you make when a stupid agency like the CDC comes up with stupid guidance?  Yeah, we just made that face.


Wait, what?

So the CDC is sexist now.

Good to know.



And these jackas*es want us to listen to them on COVID? REALLY BIDEN?


We got nothin’.

Ain’t THAT the truth?



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