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More of THIS --> As media continue to TERRIFY the masses about Delta, Brit Hume shares just a LITTLE common sense and drops them all

If you’ve been reading the news at all since last Tuesday when the CDC backpedaled and screwed over vaccinated Americans, you know it’s been a constant fear fest of masking, lockdowns, and the sky is falling. Like nonstop. We suppose since they lost Trump and the virus had subsided over the earlier part of the summer they figured out they needed something for those clicks and taps, and nothing sells like fear.


Thank goodness for journos like Brit Hume, who have served as a voice of reason and calm over the past 18 months.

For example …

Hospitalizations are crashing into patients … how very dramatic.

Absolutely a fair question.



Because that would be a bad narrative that could hurt Biden, who is already falling in approval ratings, especially with his handling of COVID.

And we know they don’t want to hurt their new king.



HA! You KNOW Fauci’s COVID messaging sucks when even NYT’s Maggie Haberman is starting to question it

‘Complete DISASTER’: Glenn Greenwald mocks CNN and MSNBC’s disastrous ratings in short yet PAINFULLY accurate thread

‘We’ll wait’: Megyn Kelly comes out SWINGING at Gov. Cuomo for claiming his ‘gestures’ were just to convey warmth and DAAAMN

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