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OOPSIE: Rep. Joyce Beatty tripping SPECTACULARLY over her own tweets after DEMANDING her right to vote is a GLORIOUS thing

Another day, another Democrat pretending she is fighting some grave injustice that just doesn’t exist. It’s really strange, how desperate the Left is to insist the country is bad even though they are in charge. And honestly, this from Rep. Joyce Beatty is just silly.


Please, show us where Black women are being denied their right to vote, Joyce.

Love how the Women’s March yahoos are there; those broads never met a ridiculous movement they wouldn’t exploit for attention and money. Good ol’ Linda Sarsour, still fighting the good fight … HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Oh, and they were arrested for a cute little photo-op.

What a ridiculous world we live in, folks.

Sign us up as well although you’d THINK if this was actually happening the names of the Black women who were denied their right to vote would be plastered all over the media …


RedSteeze was good enough to remind Joyce that she is indeed allowed to vote and gosh, golly, gee, she has been voting a lot for a long time.

So what’s she fighting for again?


Sorry, but we were told by the vice president that rural folks are just too gosh-durned stupid to figure out how to make a copy of their ID, let alone vote.

Sheesh, oppressor.


HA HA HA HA HA HA, right?!

Joyce took virtue-signaling to a whole new level. Yikes.



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