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'Dude, you are SUCH a tool': Glenn Kessler using a #FactCheck to save Biden from being blamed for SOARING gas prices BACKFIRES

Oh, shocker, Glenn Kessler is defending Biden.


Gosh, how factual of him and stuff.

Don’t worry folks, just because we haven’t seen inflation like we’re seeing since 2008 and gas prices are SOARING doesn’t mean any of it is the president’s fault. Sure, these same fact-checkers spent the last four years blaming Trump if a neighbor farted BUT you know, this whole gas thing is definitely not ol’ Joe’s doing.



Hey, a fact-check from WaPo never lies.


Usually, this is where we share a snippet of the article we’re talking about but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. If you want to read Glenn’s drivel the link is in his tweet.


He knows.

He just doesn’t care.

True story.


Of course not.

It was the extra Diet Coke Trump had three years ago … that’s what really did it.

Washington Post could be hiring, ya’ never know.



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