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We all KNEW: Barn-burner of a thread REALLY puts what media and the 'regime' did to Trump and his supporters in infuriating perspective

It’s rare that this editor reads a thread and is moved to tears when said thread isn’t about some kid who needs a kidney or a dog who got stuck in a well … this thread about what happened not only to Trump but his supporters and conservative voters over the past four years made the tears fall.


Not because it’s sad but because when you see it written out in this way, succinct, no crazy memes, no conspiracies, just the facts, it is beyond infuriating.

You ever been so angry you cried?

If not, there’s a first time for everything.

Take a look:

They’re not unhinged lunatics carrying the Confederate flag and screeching WHOOO-DAWGIE?!

Gosh, we’re shocked.

This this this!




Shocking and disillusioning … perfect words.

People who love their country watching their government manipulate the system to take back control from the very people they supposedly work for.


Probably true.


Truth be told, we never expected the media to admit the truth if they were cornered. We’ve been covering them for long enough to know better.

Northam. Whitmer. Cuomo. Newsom. Name a Democratic governor and you saw them exploiting the virus to ‘set the change.’


They screech at a Trump kid for being taller than his mom.



Did you guys see how they reacted to Barron being 6’7″?

It would be the front page of the NYT for months on end.

On true information.

Let that sink in.


Media and tech always do everything to make things worse.


Sort of like when Maxine Waters was telling people to riot? But you know, only Trump was accused of inciting a riot … even though he never told people to get loud or get violent.


Might’ve kept him alive.




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