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'Not even a HALFwit': Keith Olbermann drops ANOTHER quarter in the ol' nut-punching machine in 'debate' over NPR funding

We can’t decide if Keith Olbermann is really this dense or just desperate for relevance. Maybe both.


Huh … is that so?

Because at the very base of their funding is the fact they receive federal grants … and guess where the money for those federal grants comes from? But if you want to go even deeper just take a look at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting:

CPB funding promotes public television and radio stations and their programs. These CPB-funded stations reach virtually every household in the United States. CPB is the largest single source of funding for public television and radio programming.


And then there’s this:

And this:

But you know, they’re not funded by taxpayers.



Unless you’re a conservative BUT we get what they’re saying.

And that would be no big loss.



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