The push/pull within the Democratic Party between your more traditional, moderate Democrats and crazy-a*s, foamy-lipped, chest-thumping progressives is coming to a head, especially as more and more people flee large cities where crime and lawlessness run rampant in the name of ‘equity’ and ‘social justice’.

San Franciso may well be the worst right now, considering even Target has decided to close early due to all of the crime?

Michelle Tandler is a moderate Democrat and San Franciscan, who wrote a fairly heartfelt and brutally honest thread about what is happening to her city.

It’s definitely worth your time:

Cardillo doesn’t pull any punches.

Michelle continued.


It’s called reality. We can SEE IT happening.

This is not an impression.

Among other nonsense …

Lax prosecution.

That says so much.


And yes, the exodus is very real.

She gets it.

Shameful that their leaders, their elected officials, would put them in such a position with crime where they no longer feel safe in their own city.

It’s not talking points.

It’s reality.

At all.

And more and more big cities are breaking those social contracts.



It’s not.

It is.

Being red-pilled isn’t as bad as she thinks it is.

People who are red-pilled smile more, worry less, and fight harder because their goals are simple. When your focus is on liberty and freedom the rest just sort of falls in place.

And those progressives want more control in more cities.

Honestly, reading this from Michelle, our hearts hurt for her. Oh sure, we could make jokes about San Fran but ultimately what is happening there is no longer anything we should be joking about. And it’s not just in San Fran … it’s happening all over.



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