Happy Independence Day!

And since it’s July 4, a day when millions of Americans celebrate their country, their freedom, and their liberty, our good, patriotic, tolerant, knowledgeable friends in the media are crapping all over everything real Americans hold dear. We suppose they’re trying to appeal to the same group of frothy-mouthed, braindead, paint-chip-eating America-haters who read them while Trump was president because their traffic and audience is shrinking but c’mon with this crap.

Kurt Schlichter was good enough to list their top four stories this morning:

The flag is bad.

America was built on slavery.


What sort of simple-minded jack-a-ninnies buy this crap? Oh, wait, we’ve seen CNN viewers … we know what jack-a-ninnies are buying this crap.


Honestly, it feels like the media want Americans to hate one another and their country.

Ask yourselves WHY.

Don’t let them win.

The most powerful entity on Earth.

That’s terrifying.

This sums it all up quite nicely, thank you very much.



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