Let’s hear it for Alyssa Milano, with the most unoriginal anti-America take of the day! Heh.

Seriously, someone pretty please take TikTok from this woman.

We thought old people weren’t allowed on that platform anyway?

Watch this (sorry!):

Granted, it doesn’t have the ‘oomph’ of stupid that Touré’s take did (Revolutionaries wanted to leave England because England was ending slavery … really dude?) BUT this is pretty obnoxious considering she’s a white woman who has benefitted more than most from this evil country founded on the so-called unjust treatment of Native Americans, Africans, and (and) other people of color.

Does that make her like the most racist and unjust of them all?

Not to mention she always turns off the comments on her tweets for people who she follows .. which only means those she won’t allow to comment will quote-tweet the snot out of her.

We’re going to bet that’s a big fat no.

But she’ll record herself making silly faces talking about how America took advantage of them.

What she said.

Live free.


Super DUPER psycho.

Or maybe she should stay away from weird filters in TikTok?

This is just … odd.

And so off-putting.

In other words, Twitchy gold.



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