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RIGGED: Dave Rubin's response to docs exposing CA Dems' access to rapid response team at Twitter (that REMOVES TWEETS) is ALL of us

Nothing to see here.

Just some redacted docs explaining how California Democrats have access to a rapid response team at Twitter.

A team that removes tweets at the request of Democrats.



And you know it’s not just California Dems who have access to this ‘response team’.

Welp, there it is.


See? No big woop.

Not at all.

Dave Rubin’s response is perfection:




Endless attacks on his account.

We get it.

And nobody at Twitter gives or does a damn thing about it. Wrong team?


*cough cough* fortified *cough cough*

This is an insult to cesspools everywhere.

Our apologies to cesspools.


Sort of reminds this editor of the tweet she sent about there NOT BEING A Q that Twitter forced her to delete with a lock. Or that time they locked her for sharing an email between Zuckerberg and Fauci.

Their TOS is no longer about protecting users, it’s about protecting Democrats.

Sorry, not sorry.



Blue-check ‘debunker’ makes A*S of himself trying to debunk video of Black parent DESTROYING CRT (Candace Owens’ brother … REALLY dude?!)

He’s RIGHT you know: Steven Crowder’s explanation for WHY Dems desperately want to control all speech will DEFINITELY leave a mark

‘CNN just publishing CCP press releases’? AG points out something pretty damn pathetic about CNN’s China COVID-19 vax headline

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