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Since when is 'fat' a race?! White Lefty uses Black women as scapegoat claiming if you 'find fat people unattractive that's racist' (watch)

Don’t do this.


White lefty women need to KNOCK THIS CRAP OFF because not only does it give people another reason to resent and even target heavier people, but it exploits Black women. Blaming racism for your chubby backside is just ri-damn-dicullous, and this editor says that as a woman who lost a good bit of weight many years ago.


Watch this nonsense (if you can stand it):

Full disclosure.

We couldn’t make it through the entire thing because it’s JUST THAT DAMN ANNOYING.

What is WRONG with young people today?!

You know what, don’t answer that.

We’d read it.



When Lefty fat white women decided they needed a scapegoat.

That’s when.

And health.



Ok, we shouldn’t laugh at that … wait, we thought it was funny, is that racist?

*eye roll*



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