Jon Lovitz has been very vocal about fighting against cancel culture because of what it’s done (and is doing) to comedy around the world. Before everyone started taking themselves so damn seriously, comics could (and did) make fun of everyone and everything.

See George Carlin.

See Richard Pryor.

See Eddie Murphy.

See OLD SNL (before they got all weird and woke).

See South Park.

Jon has a point:

It absolutely is enough. And lucky Jon, some angry overly sensitive troll claims to have seen his act and wants HIM canceled for being ‘outright mean’.

A cad?!


Them’s fightin’ words!

Notice the Joe Biden avi … that says it all.

Jon tried keeping it light.

We think?

Then again, maybe he really wouldn’t sleep with this person.


Actually, it can be really funny. In fact, that’s typically how the butt of any joke is supposed to work.

It is true. Even when we’ve given Jon a hard time (and we have), he pushed back but was also very humble about why we gave him a hard time. Which is probably why we keep writing about him.


Asking for feedback? Here’s her/his/their/its chance TO SHINE!

Wait, what? We’ve never heard Jon bash gays.

Now it’s just trolling.

Eeek and yet, he’s right.

We’re starting to think this person might not be all there. Note, we typically do not write about randos BUT when they are this entertaining while getting worked over by someone like Jon Lovitz? That’s Twitchy gold, baby.

Willing to bet this person doesn’t find much of anything funny.

Just sayin’.



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