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'Tel Aviv PRIDE is LIT!' Richard Grenell throws DOWN calling BS on Mehdi Hasan's defense of Ilhan Omar in HEATED back and forth

To be clear, what Ilhan Omar said was REPUGNANT.

And sadly we weren’t in the least bit surprised that she said it with her history of anti-Semitism and anti-America rhetoric. Remember the Benjamins tweet? Or when talking about 9/11 she said, ‘Some people did some thing.’


Mehdi Hasan defending her says so much, and ain’t none of it good:

Oh good, we’re at the part of the news cycle where talking heads tell us what the jacka*s who said something stupid REALLY meant.

Richard Grenell wasn’t having any of it:


And disgusting.

So of course Mehdi doubled-down, but this time with nasty insults and personal attacks. You know what they say when people come back with only insults? *they got nothin’*




Note Mehdi was just called out trying to push a demonstrable brazen lie.

Richard ended it:

Gays are apostates is what you remarked.

Hey, if Mehdi is going to get personal he’s gonna get it back.

And boy howdy … did he ever get it back.



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