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'So damned TIRED of it': Megyn Kelly TORCHES CNN for bringing Jeffrey 'Got-Off-Easy' Toobin BACK and BOOMITY

Yup, Jeffrey Toobin ‘got off easy.’


And that joke (a good one) came from The Babylon Bee so we blame them for being a bad influence on us.


Yeah, that’s it.

Megyn Kelly is pissed the guy who literally got caught doing the five-knuckle shuffle during a Zoom call was welcomed back to CNN with open arms. Can you imagine if this had been someone on Fox News? OR A WOMAN?


So damned tired of all of it.

Anyone up for buying an island and developing a commune? We’re only sorta kidding.


Buildings would be on fire and Twitter would trend nothing but ‘RAPIST’ this and ‘SEX PERVERT’ that.

But since it’s Toobin?




‘Your tax dollars at work’! NPR’s social media dope REALLY screws the pooch b*tching about capitalism and WHOA NELLY check out that backfire

Where WE’RE headed?! British charity goes off the rails claiming white women who’ve been raped/assaulted reporting their attackers is ‘white supremacy’

Just YIKES: Jeffrey Toobin (YUP, the Zoom masturbator) returns to CNN and his interview with Alisyn Camerota is SO awkward (watch)

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